Athletic Field Construction and Maintenance

Philadelphia is home to beloved sports teams like the Phillies and Eagles. These teams require venues to practice as well as play, which is where Townscapes, Inc. comes in. Read on to discover the important aspects of maintaining the athletic fields in Philadelphia, PA.

Turf maintenance will depend on the type of turf on the field. Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibers and made to look like natural grass. This type of turf can withstand heavy use, but requires things like chemical disinfectants, sprays that reduce static cling and odor, and drainage repair and maintenance. There are also natural turf fields  made of grass and top soil. The soil used can be from the site of the athletic field or brought in by the landscapers. Depending on the type of field being constructed, sand may also be used instead of soil and grass.

When mowing natural turf, never cut off more than the top third of the grass. Cutting the grass shorter will cause the grass to become more susceptible to environmental stresses. The  type of turf used (Bentgrass, Bermudagrass, Ryegrass, etc.) will determine the height the grass should be for peak performance and growth. Keep the turf a bit longer in the fall months to prepare the grass for dormant winter months. Use sharp blades to prevent ragged cutting, which can damage the health of the grass and lead to disease.

A field with proper grading is vital to the life of the athletic field. Grading is the slope of the ground an athletic field is created on and is responsible for removing excess water from the fields to prevent flooding. For most turf areas, a 2% slope works best for quick drainage. Too steep of a grade can mean drainage occurs too quickly, and the field suffers from too little watering. Too little of a grade and the field will take a longer amount of time to dry and possibly cause flooding. Poor grading can cause players to leave depressions in the field where water can settle, causing flooding and deterioration of the turf, so it is important that the slope of the grade is correct.

Whether it’s a baseball diamond or a football field, athletic field landscaping and maintenance can make or break a game. A properly built and maintained playing field inspires players to give their all and makes watching the game a pleasure for spectators. Trust the professionals at Townscapes, Inc. with all of your athletic field construction and renovation needs.



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